10 Gorgeous Fake Plants to Decorate your Home Office

This post is a curated list of 10 gorgeous fake plants to decorate your home office with.

Whether you are working from home permanently or casually use your home office, adding comfort to it is important.

It helps to have a space that is inviting to start the working day.

Having a personalized and well-decorated home office contributes to being productive at work.

Using fake plants as opposed to natural ones on a work desk has many benefits.

It saves one from having to clean up in case water is spilled on the desk.

This can happen when watering plants or in case the vase toppled over accidentally.

Fake plants will last longer and can be easily stored away, repurposed, and reused in the future.

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Whether it is an actual tree, a large houseplant, or a small cute succulent that will fit your home office, the following hand-picked selection will get your creative knacks flowing.

Most of the fake plants that made the list come with either a ceramic or a cement pot or vase for their durability and elegance.

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10 Gorgeous Fake Plants to decorate your Home Office

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Let’s see which ones made the list of gorgeous fake plants to decorate your home office with.

Fake Cactus Succulents in White Ceramic Pots


Cactus succulents are great reminders of the beauty that lies in nature. The best part is that they take up very little space. Use these in pairs on your desk, shelf, or individually in other parts of your home. This set of four succulents is available in either green or pink. Each succulent comes in an attractive white ceramic pot.

Check out these cuties here.

Fake Hydrangea Floral Arrangement in Ceramic Pot


A cute addition to any office desk this fake Hydrangea comes in three different ceramic pot colors; white, pink, and blue. Really small for a less roomy desk space, the arrangement along with the pot measures about 5.7″ tall by 3.5″ wide.

Peruse more photos of this cute floral desk decor here.

Artificial Snake Plants with Rustic Cement Pot



The faux snake and fiddle-leaf-fig succulents are great options to add greenery to a work-desk without taking up too much space. Both these faux succulents come in cement pots. They are ideal for a desk, side table, or shelf.

Check out these gorgeous succulents here.

Fake Orchid Plant in Ceramic Vase


This fake Orchid plant is made out of a vivid silk flower, two plastic in wire green stems, and a white ceramic vase filled with realistic-looking artificial soil. The clean fresh look of this fake plant is ideal to add a subtle touch of natural-looking elements to your work desk.

Check out the faux potted orchid plant here.

Artificial Greenery in Cement Pot


This pair of faux greeneries looks elegant in the nicely finished cement pots. Use them to add vibrant green color to your work desk or bookshelf. These succulents have the added benefit of reminding you of the outdoors every time you lay eyes on them.

Peruse more photos of these green succulents here.

Fake Pineapple Succulent in Decorative Ceramic Pot

The fake pineapple succulent is like a double-gift from nature. Its pineapple shape along with the green leaves effortlessly add life to an office desk, side table, shelf, or even in other areas of the home. Try the yellow decorative ceramic pot for a pop of color, again reminiscent of the natural pineapple color. This modern decor item has an overall height of 8″ and the pot’s diameter at its largest point is around 3.75″. A small but beautiful piece.

Check out other creative ways to decorate your workspace with these gorgeous succulents here.

Fake Green Succulent in Farmhouse Style Cement Pot


This cement-potted succulent looks realistic and is ideal for a neutral plant decor. Another versatile piece as it works on any office desk as well as in different settings in the home. At 7.5″ high And 4.5″ wide it is the perfect size for that small decor piece that complements your decor.

Find out how others are using this timeless-looking potted succulent here.

Faux Japanese Pine Bonsai Tree


The potted Japanese pine bonsai tree is the perfect artificial plant decor piece for the dull home office desk. Check out the details of this attractive decor piece here.

Fake Eucalyptus Potted Plant


Unless you look close enough, you won’t be able to tell if this plant is a fake Eucalyptus. It comes in a gorgeous white pot to easily blend in your other home office decor elements. The total height is about 9.3″ and the pot is about 3.9″ in diameter.

Find out if this greenery is a good decor addition to your home office here.

Faux Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree


The fig tree is what can bring a pop of rich green color to your space. This is as realistic a fake plant as it can get. It is available in different sizes starting from 12″ to 40″ tall.

Check out the beautiful fiddle-leaf fig tree here.


That wraps up this round-up of 10 gorgeous fake plants to decorate your home office with.

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Work smart and happy decorating!

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