Farmhouse Pillow Covers for a Quick Decor Update

This post showcases how by using farmhouse pillow covers you can bring about a quick decor update to your home.

Farmhouse throw pillow covers provide you with a ton of options to quickly update the style of your couch, chair, bed, or floor. Other than being affordable, throw pillow covers make it easy to switch decor when a new season arrives. 

Also, there are pillow covers for any occasion or celebration. They come in floral or other inspiring printed patterns, in solid colors, with your favorite quotes and the list goes on. Throw pillow covers comes in different textures and materials as well. They are easy to maintain and will last you a long time if you decide to store them and use them periodically.

These are only some of the options that make throw pillow covers a great decor item to include in your ongoing home decor projects. 

Farmhouse-inspired pillow covers in particular provide ample options to choose from. Whether it is rustic, vintage, modern, or industrial, there is surely a pillow cover to meet that actual style. Gathered here is a curated selection to showcase that. It is hoped that this round-up will inspire you to choose the best pillow cover that fits your style the best. 

You cannot go wrong with pillowcases, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. If you happen to dislike one of them, you can still find ways to repurpose it, or by gifting it away. Remember that you are switching or giving away only the pillow covers, not the actual pillows, or inserts that come along with the cover.

The bottom line is they are a cost-and-time-effective way to explore your creative home decor styling. To have fun in the process is just a bonus.

It is hoped that this hand-picked selection of farmhouse pillow covers will inspire you to add both neutral and colorful accents to your home decor.

Farmhouse Pillow Covers for a Quick Decor Update

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The throw pillow covers listed below do not come with inserts or fillers. Pillow cover inserts come in different sizes and materials. You can find an insert that is filled with 100% hypoallergenic polyester microfiber and is allergy-friendly here.

Now let’s browse through the following decor inspirations to find your next farmhouse pillow covers for a quick decor update.

Classic Farmhouse Pillow Covers (Set of 4)


For a classic farmhouse look that works year-round, these set of 4 pillow covers do not disappoint.

Check out these 18″ x 18″ cotton linen classic pillow covers here.

Farmhouse Accent Pillow Covers (Set of 4)


Find this set of farmhouse accent pillow covers here.

Striped Textured-Linen Throw Pillow Cover (Set of 2)


Find out about this set of striped farmhouse pillow covers here.

Farmhouse Decorative Linen Trimmed Edges Pillow Covers (Set of 2)


There is nothing more country-farmhouse-style than the look and feel of the linen trimmed edges used to decorate these otherwise neutral pillow covers.


The best part is that these gorgeous pillow covers come in a variety of solid colors and sizes.

Find out what makes them so popular here.

Faux Leather and Ticking Stripe Pillow Covers (Set of 2)


This faux leather stitching stripe pillow embodies a modern but classic farmhouse vibe to any space. The set of two pillowcases is available in two different sizes. The distinctive striped pattern comes in different neutral colors.

Find the right size and colors for your home here.

Farmhouse Striped Pillow Covers with Fringe


Check out these casual cottage-style pillow covers to infuse a rustic farmhouse vibe into your decor. This pillow cover comes in 20″ x 20″ size. Check them out here.

Farmhouse Pillow Covers Inspirational Quotes (Set of 4)


These farmhouse printed-texts pillow covers are ideal for the entry bench, living sofa couch, or as a layered decorative bed pillow. They come in 18″ x18″ square and include an invisible zipper. The text is on one side only.

Check out these farmhouse-quoted pillow covers here.

Grain Sack & Ticking Stripe Farmhouse Pillow Covers


Check out the grain sack stripe pillow cover here.


Check out the ticking stripe pillowcase here.

Farmhouse Striped Accent Pillow Cover


For a combination of grain sack and ticking stripes, this pillowcase is an excellent choice. It displays vintage style with a modern twist. Check it out here.

Vintage Nautical-Themed Pillow Covers (Set of 4)


The black line sketch-quality drawings on these pillow covers are what make them appealing. Whether you are into sailing, just a fan of the sea life, or want to try something different, these pillowcases do easily capture a vintage look.

Find out more about these decorative monochrome pillow covers here.

Farmhouse Ticking Stripe Pillow Cover with Buttons


Check them out here.

“Home Sweet Home” Farmhouse Pillow Cover


There is nothing more inviting than a greeting at the entryway of one’s home. Use this pillow decor on your entry or foyer bench or console to achieve that vibe. The only drawback could be the uncommon size and whether you managed to find the right insert for it. It measures 12″ by 20″.

Check out this elegant pillow cover here.

Ticking Stripe Throw Pillow Cover with Rick Rack


Check it out here.

Sea-Theme Decorative Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 4)


This set of 4 pillow covers is a great option to decorate your coastal-farmhouse-style interior. They are made of cotton linen and each one measures 18″ by 18″.

Note that the print is on one side only and you can find out more about them here.

Grain Sack Throw Pillow Cover


Check it out here.

Farmhouse Buffalo Check Pillow Covers (Set of 2)


The classic buffalo check pillow covers are still as popular as they were decades ago. This is a versatile decor accent that will work during any season of the year. You are bound to find one that works to match your existing decor as they are available in various color combinations and in different sizes.

Find a set that will match your decor here.

Spring Farmhouse-Inspired Pillow Covers

Decorative Throw Pillow Cover (Set of 4)


Lots of reminders of nature and plants are great to welcome the Spring season. This set of pillow covers displays colorful prints while remaining subtle. The set comes in various sizes and colors.

Check them out here.

Floral Throw Pillow Cover for a Quick Decor Update (Set of 4)


Add a touch of blue hues to your decor this Spring with this 18″ by 18″ pillow cover set.

Check out these decorative floral printed pillow covers here.

Vintage Bicycle with Flower Basket Spring Farmhouse Throw Pillow Cover


Check out this Spring-themed pillow cover here.

Fresh Flower Blue Bicycle and Truck Farmhouse Throw Pillow Covers


Find out about this set of 4 Spring-farmhouse-inspired pillow covers here.

Spring Farmhouse Decor Pillow Covers


Find this set of 4 super cute Spring-themed pillow covers and choose the right size here.

Summer Farmhouse-Inspired Pillow Covers

Yellow & Grey Floral Pillow Covers (Set of 4)


These pillow covers display bright yellow and muted grey floral patterns ideal for a bright sunny summer day.

They are available in different sizes, find them here.

Mustard Yellow Farmhouse Pillow Covers (Set of 2)


The perfect color for the summer season. Add a bright-colored pillow cover or two to your existing pillows for a nod to the sunny and warm season.

Find the right size and browse other available colors here.

Farmhouse Vintage Triple Button Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 2)


Add the perfect vintage farmhouse accent to your decor with the triple button pillow cover.

Find this farmhouse decor accent pillow cover set as well as other colors and sizes here.

Fall Farmhouse-Inspired Pillow Covers

Leaves-themed Decorative Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 4)


Check out these decorative pillow covers here.

Decorative Linen Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 2)


Nothing relates to the fall season more than an orange-toned pillow decor. This set of 2 pillow covers come in different sizes and are available in other colors to match these ones.

Look for this set of fall-inspired orange farmhouse pillow covers here.

Winter Farmhouse-Inspired Pillow Covers

 Striped Velvet Corduroy Pillow Covers for a Quick Decor Update (Set of 2)


The striped corduroy velvet throw pillow cover set brings comfort, texture, and warms to an interior. Use them during the cold winter months to create a cozy and comfortable setting for your home.

Find these beauties that come in various colors and sizes here.

Decorative Velvet Throw Pillow Cover (Set of 2)


Add a soft velvet fabric to your winter decor with this set of colorful pillow covers. This set is available in various colors and sizes.

Find this velvet pillow cover set here.

Soft Plush Wool & Velvet Pillow Covers (Set of 2)


Find out about these cozy soft wool & velvet pillow covers and choose your favorite color and size here.

Conclusion: Farmhouse Pillow Covers for a Quick Decor Update

That wraps up the curated farmhouse-inspired pillow covers to quickly update your home decor. Remember to choose the right size pillow cover that matches your insert. Unless you are getting a new insert.

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Happy decorating!

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