Home Gym Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss and Toning

Can regular home workouts be as effective for your body without the use of expensive equipment or machines? There are many ways to achieve a great body shape and remain fit. Hitting the gym on a regular basis is hard for some of us. Or, you may just be looking for ways to complement your gym training with consistent home workouts. We’ve written this post on the essential home gym exercise equipment for weight loss and toning to complement your research.

What we were initially interested in is whether body weight loss and toning can be achieved without expensive equipment or machines. That brought us to research home gym exercise equipment. Most importantly, basic equipment to lose weight and build muscles at home that’s effective and affordable.  

The following exercise equipment are basic equipment commonly found in local gyms:

  1. Jumping Rope
  2. Resistance Band
  3. Pull-up/Chin-up Bar
  4. Kettlebells

The good news is that most of them do not cost more than $30 (except for kettlebells). Plus these workout gears require very little storage space. Their versatility and affordable cost make them ideal for a home gym.

But how effective can these gears be in keeping an exerciser fit and even grow body muscles?

Let’s find out.

This post may contain affiliate links, please read the full disclosure here. Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise program.

Home Gym Exercise Equipment # 1 – Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope

Jump rope training is the most fun way to maintain and develop a lean muscular physique. It is an efficient way to burn lots of calories. Jumping rope is incredibly portable as the rope can easily go anywhere with you.

Jumping rope is an effective way to achieve a full body workout, from shoulders all the way down to the calf muscles. Regular jumping rope improves agility, balance, cardiovascular health as well as increases endurance or stamina.

The best part about jump rope training is that it is easy to get started. All that is required is a pair of sneakers, flat surface, and a jump rope.

With so many benefits, jumping rope is definitely a simple home gym exercise equipment essentials. Choosing the right jump rope depends on the exercise goal to accomplish. For example, are you aiming for speed, endurance, performing tricks, or double-unders?

Best Jump Rope for Home Exercise

What we recommend is the Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope available on Amazon. It is a great rope for indoor fitness training. This product has a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with 665 customer reviews.

Pros: It comes with lightweight comfortable foam handles that have a sturdy feel for a good grip (compared to thin plastic handles). The length of the rope is easy to adjust. The rope is tangle free with smooth-rotating ball-bearings installed at each end. The thick rope provides some resistance which results in a great workout.

Cons: The Fitness Factor is great for a beginner and even a seasoned jump rope exerciser, but it is not the best rope for speed training or double-unders.

For Advanced Exercisers

If you’re looking for a jump rope to train for double-unders or competition then we would recommend you check out the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope.

To take jump rope training to the next level, we recommend weighted ropes. They are great for losing tons of calories fast and provide much more challenging jump rope training.

Finally, the Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope remains a great jump rope for regular indoor jump rope exercise.

Check the price of the Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope on Amazon here.

Home Gym Exercise Equipment # 2 – Resistance Bands Set

Home Gym Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss & Toning

Weight training by using equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, and training weight machines are great to build muscles. Fortunately, there is a simple home gym exercise equipment that can provide as much benefit in building muscles and losing weight.

Resistance exercise bands are versatile, light, portable, space saving, and very affordable. All the benefits together with actual proven regular training outcome make the Resistance Bands an essential exercise equipment for your home workout.

Compared to free weight training, resistance bands offer resistance in multiple directions such as the side, overhead, below, etc.

Best Resistance Band Set for Home Exercise

The one we have curated is the U-POWEX Resistance Band Set which comes in 5 colors. Its weight variance starts with the lightest Yellow Band (10 lbs.) to the heaviest Red Band (50 lbs.). They can be used individually or in combination to a maximum equivalent of 150 lbs.

In most cases, they are alternative to free weights or cable machines training but they work a little differently. Instead of lifting weights, you will be pulling the exercise bands to build muscles. The more resistance or amount of tension the bands offer, the more effort is required by your muscles to pull them.

The Set includes:

  • Yellow band = 10 lbs
  • Blue band = 20 lbs
  • Green band = 30 lbs
  • Black band = 40 lbs
  • Red band = 50 lbs
  • 1 x Waterproof carry bag
  • 1 x Door anchor
  • 2 x cushioned handles
  • 2 x ankle straps

Resistance Band Training Guide eBook (eBook available via email)

The U-POWEX is an Amazon’s Best Seller item rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with 356 customer reviews.

Pros of the U-Powex Band Set:

The U-POWEX Resistance Bands set comes with five exercise bands to perform the widest resistance training possible. Whether you are just beginning or are looking to maintain your physique, these bands provide a wide variety of resistance level to keep you challenged.

The bands are latex made and provide strong resistance. The metal carabiner makes this product safe and study.

The set includes everything you need to achieve any personal training goals. It comes with 2 ankle straps and a door anchor. It also comes with a waterproof carry case for easy transportation and storage.

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and full refund if unsatisfied.

Cons of the U-Powex Band Set:

Generally, small tears in bands might cause them to tear further and even snap. Be selective on which type of surface you use them.

As you progress in your training exercise you may want to add more resistance to your workout to build even more strength if that is your goal. However, additional bands won’t considerably impact your gym budget as they are relatively cheap.

Check the price of the U-POWEX Resistance Bands on Amazon here.

Home Gym Exercise Equipment # 3 – Pull-Up/Chin-Up Bar

Home Gym Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss & Toning

Pull-ups are one of the most beneficial exercises, yet also one of the most difficult to master. Having a pull-up/chin-up bar at home in your line of sight is a helpful reminder to keep practicing!

An essential item to your home gym, the pull-up bar provides an effective way to perform regular strength training to build and tone upper body muscles at home.

Best Pull-up Bar for Home Exercise

It is designed to fit any standard doorways between 24 to 32 inches wide. Its slip-on design fits sturdy doorframe for a quick installation. If desired, it can also be mounted with screws on any doorframe in your home or garage as a more permanent fixture using the included J brackets.

The portable multifunction pull-up bar from ProSource is a great simple home exercise equipment to work out the upper body. The multi-grip bar provides more handles and grip options than other pull-up/chin-up bars on the market. At 41-inches long, it provides a wider grip than smaller versions that limit your range of motion. It is great for both men and women due to its versatility.

Thanks to the multi-grip design, you will be able to develop your back, chest, shoulders, arms, and abdominal compound muscles with one simple piece of equipment. In addition to traditional pull-ups and chin-ups, the bar allows you to perform closed-wide angle and hammer grips, as well as multiple leg-raises, and oblique curls.

Place the bar against the base of any doorframe using the grips to support your feet during sit-ups and crunches. It also serves as a sturdy base for triceps dips and push-ups when placed on the floor.

Constructed of high-grade steel, the bar’s maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds within a sturdy doorframe. It looks and feels very durable and safe to use with its non-slip grips. The ProSource pull-up bar comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Pros of the ProSource Pull-up Bar:

ProSource pull-up bar provides an inexpensive way to tone and build muscles at home, without large equipment or marring your doorframe with installation screws. A home gym must-have exercise equipment, the pull-up bar will cost you around $30 on Amazon. Yet it is a convenient and effective home gym exercise equipment to tone your body.

Cons of the ProSource Pull-up Bar:

While it slips easily onto any standard and sturdy doorframe, some users reported slight doorframe scratches and even dents. It is not recommended for flimsy doorframes. Some users have added extra cushioning to prevent any damage to their doorframe. Otherwise, this simple exercise equipment is an effective addition to any home gym.

The ProSource pull-up bar is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 2175 customer reviews.

Check the price of the ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar on Amazon here.

Home Gym Exercise Equipment # 4 – Kettlebells


Home Gym Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss & Toning

Kettlebells combine body strength training and cardio into one fun exercise. All by swinging kettlebells you can build muscles, burn fat, strengthen your heart, and improve your endurance.

Unlike dumbbell exercise, using kettlebells will impact multiple muscle groups instead of isolating one. Versatile, they can be used for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more. The perfect simple home gym must-have exercise equipment.

What size kettlebells should you get?

Generally, for a male starting off with kettlebells training, 12Kg (26lbs), 16Kg (35lbs), and 24Kg (53lbs) bells are recommended. For female beginners, 8Kg (17lbs), 12Kg (26lbs), and 16Kg (35lbs) bells are good weights to start with. In case you have been training or involved in physical work, these numbers might vary slightly.

Just like with any weight lifting exercises, the more repetitions you complete the harder it becomes to lift the same amount of weight. It is advisable to start with a weight that you can comfortably use during multiple repetitions without it being too hard on your muscles. Between 8 and 16 kilograms is a good place to start. If you have been training for some time, then try 20 or 24 kilograms.

Price Variance

Kettlebells prices vary widely based on their material, weight, and brand. For beginners, a single kettlebell, if included in regular workouts, will surely provide gains in both strength and muscles. As you progress you will want to add more weight to increase your performance and growth.

This is the pricier simple exercise equipment to add to your home gym. Even though its price tag, a kettlebell is an essential tool to add to your exercise toolbox.

Competition Kettlebells

A competition kettlebell is made in the exact same shape and size (diameter) regardless of its weight. Even the handle is kept to a uniform size. They are made of steel they are great for achieving consistency in kettlebell workouts because of the uniform size. These are the most expensive kettlebells on the market.

Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast iron kettlebells are the one commonly found in local gyms. Iron kettlebells size’s increase as their weight increases. The cast iron kettlebell is recommended for two-handed exercises and for learning the basics.

Best Kettlebells for Home Exercise

The CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell is a reasonably priced and available on Amazon.

The product is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars with 2044 customer reviews on Amazon.

Check the price of the CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell on Amazon here.

Home Gym Exercise Equipment – Conclusion

Consistent Home Exercise

If used consistently, the pull-up bar is enough to strengthen the entire upper body. The more consistent you are, the quicker your strength and coordination will improve.

Jumping Rope

Jump rope exercise can help with burning calories and lose weight if done consistently. It is a great way to warm up before a workout session. This simple exercise equipment only requires a flat surface and a pair of sneakers which is ideal for home gym training.

Resistance Bands

Given its proven benefits, Resistance Bands is one of the most affordable simple home gym must-have exercise equipment for toning and building body muscles. Resistance Bands are very versatile. They are great for toning your chest, abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, quads, glutes, buttocks, legs and knees. This one simple equipment can combine both cardio and strength training. This can be achieved even when traveling.

Pull-up Bar

The ProSource pull-up/chin-up bar is a perfect simple home gym must-have exercise equipment to strengthen the entire upper body. Another versatile exercise equipment, it can be used on the floor for triceps dips and push-ups (the bar’s maximum weight capacity is 300lbs). It is portable and takes little space to store. Simple but an effective piece of equipment, if used over a period of time consistently will change the shape of your body. It is meant for sturdy door frames. Verify that the bar fits the door opening width.


There are various types of kettlebells to choose from with varying price range. The great news about kettlebell is that if you make the right purchase it will last you a lifetime. Cast iron kettlebell allows for a diverse training exercise and is an excellent choice for beginners. It is a perfect choice for home gym kettlebell exercises and budget.

Finally, the above would help anyone achieve positive results over time and through a consistent workout routine. However, they are not meant for those who are looking at lifting heavy weight. A gym membership will come in handy to access weights and machines.

Stretching immediately after a good workout session is very important. Stretching will reduce the risk fo injury and body pain so you are ready for your next day’s workout.

Foam Roller

Home Gym Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss & Toning

Foam rollers come in different sizes, texture, and firmness. The ones that are effective for quick tightness relief especially in shoulder areas are the ones with textured-bumps or wave-like ridges. The bumpy knobs help in providing a deep massage to sore muscles and quickly release tension points in those muscles. One such roller is the RumbleRoller which comes in different length and degree of firmness. Beginners are more likely to find a soft roller to be effective. With time and heavier workouts, a much firmer foam roller usually works best. It comes in 3 different sizes; 31-inch, 22-inch, and 12-inch (travel size). Check the price of the Rumble roller on Amazon here.

Here is to a strong and fit body!


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